Easter Gathering @ Branches Church

Sunday, April 16th 10AM
The Carol Edwards Center, Woodinville

Celebrate Easter with Branches Church! Great music, real people, awesome coffee, an applicable message, fun for the kids and all centered on Jesus.

[A couple thousand years ago this man rose from the dead! We still talk about it a lot today. In fact, a lot of people live their lives based on his teaching. Fact or fiction? We believe it’s all true. All of it. The prophecy, the birth, the miracles, the followers, the opposition, the death and even the rising from the grave. Then there’s the aftermath. A small group of followers became a world-wide movement that’s alive today as much as it was 2K years ago. We are still talking about that man. Jesus. Because believing changes you. Belief comes to life on Easter. A new beginning.

Whether you believe it or not, we invite you join us. Skeptical? Curious? All in? Hope to see you at The Carol Edwards Center on Sunday, April 16th at 10AM.]

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