Parent’s Guide to Baptism

Ready to talk to your child about baptism? Here’s some helpful information:

  • Choose a time to talk with your child when you can give them your full attention
  • Let your child ask questions and dig into the answers together
  • Be prepared to jump into the bible (use the references below)


What’s the meaning of baptism?

Baptism is the outward symbol of your child’s commitment to follow Jesus, made in their heart. Like a wedding ring is an outward symbol of the marriage commitment, baptism is an outward symbol of commitment to following Jesus.  That relationship happens only by grace through faith in Jesus and what He did on the cross. (Eph 2:8-9)

  • It illustrates Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection (1 Cor 15:3-4, Col 2:12)
  • It’s a living picture of new life as a follower of Jesus (Romans 6:4)

Baptism doesn’t make your child a follower of Jesus; it demonstrates that they have already decided to follow Him. It’s important to understand that baptism does not secure a relationship with God (it doesn’t help you get “in” with God).


When should my child be baptized?

As soon as your child has decided to follow Jesus by personally accepting what He did for us on the cross, they can be baptized.  (Acts 2:41)  Some children are eager to make this public declaration immediately, even at a young age, and others may want to wait. Remember that baptism is not salvation and your child can be baptized whenever you are both ready.


Why should my child be baptized?

At Branches Church we believe that baptism is a great way to let others know of your commitment to follow Jesus.

  • Baptism follows Jesus’ example (Mark 1:9)
  • Jesus expects us to be baptized (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Baptism demonstrates that we’re really following His lead (1 John 2:3)


Anything else I should know?

  • Bring appropriate clothing (swimsuit, dark t-shirt), and towel. We have extra t-shirts.
  • There may be time to share a brief testimony of what God has done for you.


If your child would like to be baptized or you have any questions about baptism please email us at:

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