Holy Saturday (The In-between)

The space in-between is a painful space. The not-yet. Incomplete. Confusing. Unknown. Unfulfilled. It’s the point where you lose hope the longer you stay.

Holy Saturday is the in-between. Jesus was crucified and buried. For all his followers knew, that was the end. They had lost all hope that he was the true messiah as he promised. Confused, sceptic, disappointed and disoriented they went their ways.

I know the in-between is hard because I’ve been there. Waiting. Wanting.

Sometimes things panned out how I hoped. Sometimes they didn’t. But each time God used it to draw me close to him. Wait for the Lord. Wait on the Lord. Take heart.

If you are there now I suggest you lean into God and let the longing itself show you that we are created for something more. And wait on the Lord. You never know when you’re on the other side until you’re there. The day IS coming.

Tim Oas – Lead Pastor of Branches Church

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